MICRO200A - 200A Micro Ohmmeter

200A Micro Ohmmeter/ Low Resistance Ohmmeter

MICRON200A - Micro Ohmmeter


The MICRO200A is designed to check and measure contact resistances in high voltage circuit breakers, switches (isolators) and busbar joints. This is an excellent choice when 200 Amperes or less are needed for measurement. With the weights is about 10 kg, it is convenient to hand carry wherever you are. MICRO200A is ideal for finding poor connections since it can put out 100 A for extended periods. Its range
makes it ideal for measuring many different types of connections.
It is designed for high precision and good stability and can meet most power systems’ requirements in onsite high-voltage switches maintenance and high-voltage switches factory resistance measurement.




  • Continuously output current which overcomes the weakness of instantaneous
    current produced by pulsed power.

  • Strong anti-interference ability. The last number of test data will stably show
    in the LCD screen only with ±1 error even in strong Interference situation.

  • Long service life. All the precise resistances used in the tester can reduce the
    temperature’s impact on the measurement results and military connectors can
    enhance vibration resistance.

  • Convenience. Small size, light weight.