OTS 80kV/ 100kV

80kV and 100kV Dielectric Oil Tester

OTS 80kV/ 100kV - Dielectric Oil Tester

Many power systems, railway systems, large-scale petrochemical plants and enterprises have a lot of electrical equipment whose internal insulation are mostly oil-filled insulation type, and therefore, test on insulating oil dielectric strength is common and necessary. To meet the needs of the market, we have developed and produced a series of insulating oil dielectric strength testers according to national standard GB/T507-2002, industry standard DL429.9-91 and the latest Electric Power Industry Standard DL/T846.7-2004. This instrument, by using a single-chip microcomputer as the core, can operate in full automation with high accuracy, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of workers. Moreover, it is small in size and convenient to carry.



  • Test voltage range of 0~80KV/100KV
  • Display by large-screen LCD English menu.
  • Automatically complete the withstand voltage test from 1 to 9 times. After the test, the thermal printer will print each breakdown voltage value and average value.
  • Power-down preservation. It can save 100 tested results.
  • Adopt a single-chip microcomputer to boost the voltage at an even speed. The voltage is accurate at 50HZ, ensuring the whole process easy for control.
  • Equipped with over-voltage, over-current and limit protections to ensure the safety of operators.
  • Communicate with computer with a standard RS232 interface.