TTR160 - Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

TTR160 - Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set

During the processing of the semi-finished products and the finished products in transformer production, the transformer newly installation before using, or according to IEC and national standard, the turns ratio or voltage ratio should be tested in the circle rate. Traditional bridge method is complicated and can not read the data directly, and you have to make conversion, the testing results are data of one phase.

TTR160 overcomes the shortcomings of traditional bridge method. The monitor adopts big screen with lattice liquid crystal, which has the function of indicating by menu, operating easily and directly. It finishes test of three-phase voltage ratio or turns ratio once, fast testing and high precise.



  • Three-phase measuring power supply is adopted in the instrument.
  • Adopt three-phase output voltage, three-phase pressure, three-phase simultaneous measurement, which improves test speed Vector group testing capability.
  • Applicable to a wide variety of transformers, especially for the Z type transformer, rectifier transformer, grounding transformer, furnace transformer, phase shift transformer, balance transformer and other transformer measurement, measurement parameters are the most comprehensive.
  • The use of precision three-phase inverter power supply, with high and low voltage reverse polarity protection, transformer inter-turn short circuit protection, on-off tap-changer not in place protection, the output short-circuit protection, which increases instrument stability.
  • After inputting the rated parameter, it can automatically measure the transformer ratio value, error value and on-load tap-changer position.



  Testing 3 Phase Transformer Using TTR160