ART340 - Three Phase Relay Test Set

Three Phase Relay Test Set

ART340 - Three Phase Relay Test Set

The ART340 Three Phase Relay Test Set is the toolbox that addresses the increasing need for three-phase testing capability in electrical distribution substations, renewable power generation stations and industrial applications. The intuitive user interface is presented on the LCD touch screen. It has a powerful combination of current and voltage sources and a versatility of measurement possibilities.

 The ART340 is specifically designed for basic, manual three-phase secondary testing of protection devices. In addition, various primary testing can be performed, since the current and voltage sources can be series- and/or parallel connected to allow for up to 120A   AC output. All three current and four voltage sources can be individually adjusted with respect to amplitude, phase angle and frequency. The fourth voltage source allows for testing of numerical relays that needs a reference voltage simulating the busbar.

 Classic Windows XP operating interface, friendly man-machine interface, easy and fast to operate; High-performance embedded industrial control computer and 8.4 inch resolution of 800 × 600 TFT true color display which provides rich visual information, includes the current working condition and all kinds of help information.

The software with self-calibrating function, which avoid to calibrate accuracy by adjusting relays after open the case, greatly improve the stability of the accuracy.