PFL Series

Portable Cable Fault Locator System

PFL series is a Portable Cable Fault Locator System  which is the backbone in cable fault location. It’s used for both pre-location and also pinpointing jobs. Pre-location is an initial process to pre locate the cable fault. PFL offers its capability on doing the task by two methods which is Impulse Current Method(ICM) and Arc Reflection Methods(ARM) using up to 35kV high voltage, 2000J energy (optional rangel).

By ICM method, PFL ignites an arc at the fault. This results in a transient wave (i.e. a spreading and repeatedly reflected travelling wave) between the fault and the surge
wave generator. An inductive coupler records this transient wave using the Time Domain Reflectometer(TDR) attached.

By ARM, it combines the high voltage and TDR for the purpose of locating faults.
When a high voltage breakdown surge is applied at the same time that the pulse echo pulses are sent, when the fault breaks down due to the high voltage surge and the arc jumps through the faulty insulation, the pulse echo wave will reflect off that arc.

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