Underground Cable Tracer

Keep productivity high and operational costs low, with the Altern AT900 Underground Cable Tracer. It is the rugged, economical solution for locating cable, wires and pipes that are underground in condition of energized or de-energized. Great for parking lot and airport lighting applications, it precisely pinpoints buried services, with exceptionally fast sound and meter response.

The backlit, multiple-segment, bar graph, digital display, plus audible indicators easily locate cables and wires path. AT900 Underground Cable Tracer employs the proven frequencies for most tracing applications. To avoid lines at utility construction sites, it also offers the highly sensitive power and radio modes. Take depth measurements with the simple press of a button.


Input Frequencies (Transmitter)

Internal receiving loop, Clamp (optional), sensor (optional),fault locating A Frame (optional).

Receiving frequency:

- Active frequency:
640Hz (complex frequency), 1280Hz (complex frequency), 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz,197kHz.

- Power frequency:

- Radiation frequency passive frequency:
  center frequency 10kHz, 33kHz, 82kHz 


Output Frequencies

Direct Connection output, Clamp Coupling Output (optional), Radiation output.

Output Frequency:
640Hz (complex frequency),1280Hz (complex frequency),10kHz,33kHz, 82kHz,197kHz.

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